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Optimising care facilities

Our Philosophy - The Positive Eight

We base our work on our Positive Eight™ philosophy that starts with the combination of environment, equipment and care skills. It visualises the potential positive effects for both caregiver and resident arising from improved mobility. By securing the sufficient space, you maximize the opportunities for choosing the right equipment and applying correct working techniques, consequently optimising the working conditions for caregivers and patients. This improves the entire care process, which results in happier, healthier and more mobile residents and patients.

Our methodology - the Mobility Gallery™

We have developed The Mobility Gallery™, a validated risk assessment tool based on five personas and their levels of functional mobility; from completely mobile and independent persons (Albert), to those who are entirely bedridden (Emma), named in alphabetic order from A to E. Based on these five personas, we have specified functional spaces that take into account recommended equipment for each mobility level and the working environment for the care givers.

The results are real

Arjo Clinical Consulting services in US has helped over 800 facilities. Average reduction of 78% in patient handling injuries. Data on file.

Arjo Guide for Architects and Planners

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