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The importance of right space

Planning a care facility

This is about planning for the future, and will impact both the efficiency and quality of care and the work environment for the caregivers.
As outlined in our Positive Eight philosophy, the sufficient environment, the right equipment and the right caregiver skills can catalyze a chain reaction of benefits resulting in improved care with more mobile residents, reduced work related injuries and improved financial outcomes.
Planning should consider all resident mobility levels, in order to create a care environment that works for Albert, who is ambulatory, Carl, who needs a lot of support and stimulation, as well as Emma who is totally dependent. In order to support you in planning and designing care facilities, we have developed a number of assets such as situational space requirements, turning radii as well as complete room concepts and layout examples, available in the Arjo Guide for Architects and Planners.

Arjo Guide for Architects and Planners

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