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Arjo Wipeable Standing Clip Sling

Wipeable clip sling for Arjo Standing and Raising Aids, Sara Stedy, Sara Flex and Sara 3000

With no laundering requirement our Wipeable Standing Clip Sling is designed to be able to be wiped clean between patients or residents; hence helping to reduce the cross infection risks associated with shared patient handling devices.¹²

Completely wipeable - Avoid the laundry process, i.e. no lost or missing slings, the sling is always available. The body, the straps and attachment points of the sling are made of non-porous material and hence completely wipeable.

Welded seams - No stitching on the seams of the sling is designed to reduce potential of fluid ingress and contamination of the sling.

Smooth patient contact surface - The inside of the sling in contact with the patients, is free from seams, straps and other components, designed to create a smooth surface towards the patients body.

The belt is fixed to the sling - The belt and sling are attached to prevent the two being separated and the belt being lost.

Colour coded sizes - All slings are size colour-coded for ease when choosing the right sling. There are four sizes available: S, M, L and XL.

Safe Working Load, SWL 200 kg / 440 lbs

Size (Article Number)
Small (TSS.500W-L1)
Medium (TSS.501W-L1)
Large (TSS.502W-L1)
Extra Large (TSS.503W-L1)

This sling can be wiped down with the following types of cleaning/disinfection agents:
Ethanol, Isopropanol, Hydrogen peroxide, Quaternary ammonium, and Bleach.
Please refer to the “Instructions for use” for more information.

1. Robert M. Scherer, BA, RN. Infection control for lifts and slings, September 2007 Vol. 2 Num. 9

2. Kelly M. Pyrek, Portable Medical Equipment: A Significant Source of Transmission, Infection Control Today. February 1, 2018. website accessed 21/09/19:

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.

Weight and dimensions
Compatible lifters Sara® Stedy, Sara® Flex and Sara® 3000
Safe Working Load kg 200 kg
Safe Working Load lb 440 lb
Size (Article Number)
Small item number TSS.500W-L1
Small cm 64-84 cm
Small in 25-33 in
Medium item number TSS.501W-L1
Medium cm 76-104 cm
Medium in 30-41 in
Large item number TSS.502W-L1
Large cm 88-124 cm
Large in 34.5-49 in
Extra Large item number TSS.503W-L1
Extra Large cm 108-160 cm
Extra Large in 42.5-63 in
Suitable cleaning agents Ethanol, Isopropanol, Hydrogen peroxide, Quaternary ammonium, Bleach.

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.

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