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Maxi Slide Tube

MaxiSlide Tubes are designed to help caregivers carry out daily repositioning and transfers with less of the physical stress and strain associated with manual handling.1

Prevent caregiver injuries by reducing physical effort
Done manually, some patient handling tasks create a risk of injury, most likely to the caregiver’s shoulders and lower back. Our MaxiSlide Tubes have ultra-low friction properties that help caregivers to move and reposition patients in bed.4
• Help prevent pressure injuries
Pressure injuries prevalence and incidence is high in many healthcare facilities and they have a significant economic impact for the organizations, and also affect a patient's quality of life, morbidity, and mortality. This type of injuries can be prevented with mobility.1-3
• Patient comfort, security and dignity
MaxiSlide Tubes are manufactured in a soft fabric. Using slide sheet devices for in bed movements has benefits not only for safety, but also for the patients’ comfort, security and dignity.4

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2. Brem H, et al. Am J Surg. 2010; 200:473-477.
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Maxi Slide Tubes are available in five sizes to assist with a complete range of in-bed repositioning tasks.

MaxiTube Radiology
MaxiTube Radiology is a small tube designed to be used on narrow surfaces such as during transfers to diagnostic equipment (e.g. for radiology).
MaxiRoll is a tubular slide for lateral transfers and is longer and wider than MaxiTransfer.
MaxiMini is a half bed length tubular slide sheet for patients who may be able to partially assist with their in-bed repositioning.
MaxiTube is small tubular sheet to be used with the standard bed length MaxiSlide Sheets to protect the patient’s heels from shear and friction during in-bed repositioning and transfers.
MaxiTransfer is a full bed length tubular sliding sheet for lateral transfers.

There are four different tubular MaxiSlide™ to cover everyday key tasks using traditional working techniques

Weight and dimensions
Product A MaxiTube
Length mm 585 mm
Length in 23 in
Width mm 680 mm
Width in 26 13/16 in
Product B MaxiTransfer
Length mm 1960 mm
Length in 77 in
Width mm 680 mm
Width in 26 13/16 in
Product C MaxiRoll
Length mm 2100 mm
Length in 82 11/16 in
Width mm 900 mm
Width in 35 3/8 in
Product D MaxiMini
Length mm 1100 mm
Length in 43 5/16 in
Width mm 1100 mm
Width in 43 5/16 in
Product E MaxiTube Radiology
Length mm 670 mm
Length in 26 in
Width mm 580 mm
Width in 23 in


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