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Decontamination services

Arjo decontamination solutions have been designed to complement your infection control strategy and offer maximum protection to your clients and caregivers.

Importance of decontamination

Arjo demonstrate effective decontamination procedures, which ensure that the numbers of residual organisms on cleaned products are reduced to a safe level.

Rather than rely on possibly inaccurate information, Arjo assume that all products are contaminated and handle them accordingly. All personnel who handle or transport equipment wear easily laundered uniform, overalls or protective coat.

Arjo has a WEEE waste battery take back policy.  You can view the policy here.

All policies and procedures are written in compliance with the most current guidance and legislation.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning is a simple concept and it means the removal of unwanted matter, which may harbour germs; this is the first step in the decontamination process and precedes the disinfection process. Disinfection can be defined as the removal of potentially harmful germs so that they are present in a small enough number to minimise the risk of infection. This effectively means that the products can safely be reallocated to the next client.

Disinfection options

Thermal – The process of thermal disinfection works on the principle of disinfecting by means of heating fabrics to a given temperature for a given period of time; the two being inversely related i.e. the higher the temperature achieved the shorter the process time. Our machines are an industrial specification and regularly calibrated and verified.

Chemical – There are many different types of chemical disinfecting agent, each extolling different virtues, however Arjo continue to recommend very safe and effective disinfectants based upon either chlorine, chlorine dioxide or alcohol.

OTEX – Arjo are working closely with JLA, utilising their validated ozone laundry disinfection system, which is endorsed by the Department of Health and is the only product of its kind to receive Rapid Review Panel (RRP) 1 status. It utilises an oxygen concentrator which takes in air and converts it to 90% pure oxygen. The ozone immediately attacks bacteria and soiling. It kills bacteria 3,200 times faster than chlorine bleach.

Quality Control

Arjo Ireland utilise the services of an independent company (Andersen Caledonia) who swab our laundry facilities and vans on a regular basis to ensure we maintain the highest decontamination standards.
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