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Disinfection solutions

Flexibility and choice to support your infection control strategy. From high performance flusher disinfectors to a choice of sluice room design options, we can help you develop an efficient sluice room environment as a key component of your infection control strategy.

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Explore our range of flusher disinfectors

One of the most important operations in a care facility is the safe and efficient disposal of human waste and the disinfection of associated equipment. Reducing the risk of cross infection and protection of staff from harm are essential objectives during this process.

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For a well-planned sluice room

Arjo can assist you in all aspects of planning, designing and equipping a sluice room for your facility’s needs. We also offer expert insights and detailed guidelines on room layout, and guidance on establishing an effective infection control system.

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Flusher liquids

Specially formulated flusher rinse and flusher detergent liquids to enhance the performance of your flusher disinfector.