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Peter · Athlete · Belgium

"You have to make the best with what you have got"

"In the beginning, you don’t realise it’s permanent. You always assume I have perseverance, ‘I can beat this’. You can only get so far with willpower."

After a life-changing accident and years of rehabilitation, self-motivation, and constant determination, Peter Genyn overcame the physical restrictions of his disability, chose mental strength, and earned gold medal at the Paralympics.


It’s very important to keep moving and to be able to move on my own. Independence also helps your mental state.

Through physical activity, Peter is motivated to constantly transcend his circumstance. Even though he is in a wheelchair today, his passion for speed propels him forward. Despite anxiety and depression commonly present after a traumatic accident, he reminds us of how many people actually reach new heights of mental strength and resilience later. But, what does this really take?


Whenever he smiles you are happy. No matter what. I don’t know how to put it in words. He makes me move.

It takes empowerment. Empowering movement means being able to excel in all areas of one’s life despite odds; being a professional athlete while being a father and partner. It means picking up your life when you may be low and continuing to move on because of the challenges ahead. For Peter, and others, obstacles transcend into goals. 

I would really, really like to get the gold again.

After a successful competition at the Tokyo Paralympics in 2021 that included both a gold medal and a silver medal, Peter continues to work towards his professional goals.


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