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Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) - update to Arjo employees

Updated 28th of February 2022
Prioritising the wellbeing of our employees, our customers and their patients & residents we serve each day.

At Arjo, the focus is on people. We prioritise the wellbeing & safety of our employees, our customers, and the patients & residents that we serve each day. The Arjo Leadership Team have established a task force that continues to closely monitor the situation and keep up to date with the impacts of government decisions affecting policy, healthcare and border protection. Arjo also has a business continuity plan in place, in the event of a major Coronavirus outbreak in Australia.

There is no doubt COVID-19 will continue to change our working environment & landscape. We will need to remain vigilant and open to adjustments in the way we go about our day to day activities.

As the situation continues to evolve, we ask Arjo employees to remain engaged with, and alert to our communications and visit for regular updates. 

For additional information, you may refer to the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 or visit

I understand that the outbreak of COVID-19 is a cause for concern for many people. More so, the worry and uncertainty it is creating for you, your family, friends and work colleagues. I would like to remind you that we do have coping resources available through our free Employee Assistance Program. You can access this service by calling LifeWorks on, 1800 361 008.

Again, your safety and wellbeing is of our utmost concern, and we encourage you to have regular and open conversations with your Manager and/or HR if you have any concerns or questions.


Michael Luxton

President - SEAPAC

Fact Sheet 

We have developed a fact sheet based on advice from the Australian Government, State & Local health authorities and Arjo AB. This will be regularly updated.

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