Primo Ferro

Weight and dimensions
Max safe working load (SWL) kg 500 kg
Max safe working load (SWL) lb 1102 lb
Maximum patient weight kg 182 kg
Maximum patient weight lb 401 lb
Total weight kg 75 kg
Total weight lb 165 lb
Total length mm 2250/2500 mm
Total length in 88.58/98.42 in
Total width mm 830 mm
Total width in 32,67 in
Min height from tub rim mm 825 mm
Min height from tub rim in 32,48 in
Max height from tub rim mm 1325 mm
Max height from tub rim in 52,17 in
Water consumption L 335 L
Water consumption Gal 88,5 Gal
Filling time at 3bar (43.5 psi) 3 min - 7 min 30 sec
Emptying time 3 min - 6 min 15 sec
Maximum static water pressure 6 bar
Minimum operating pressure 1 bar

System 2000 Instructions for use

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