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Barbara is able to look after herself and mobilise with a little support
This patient is partly capable of performing daily activities independently and the assistance she requires is not generally physically demanding for the caregiver. Assistance may consist of verbal support, feedback or instructions, but light physical assistance may also be necessary. This assistance can be provided in combination with small aids (walking aids, support or grips and handles) or adaptation to the patients environment. Barbara’s remaining capability should be stimulated.

  • Can support herself and may use crutches
  • Dependent on the caregiver in some situations
  • Usually no risk of dynamic overload for the caregiver
  • The yellow of her trousers indicates there is slight risk of static or dynamic overload to the caregiver if the proper equipment is not used
  • Stimulation of functional mobility is very important

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In order to ensure that you are best able to meet the needs of your residents/patients, we have compiled a series of informative documents to advise you on how to understand the varying levels of functional mobility, and how to utilise our products and solutions in the most effective way.

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