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Provizio® SEM Scanner

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Set a new standard of clinical excellence in pressure injury prevention

The Provizio SEM Scanner can identify increased pressure injury risk 5 days* earlier than visual skin assessment, regardless of skin tone.1 This technology empowers you with a window of opportunity to take early and targeted preventive action. Arjo guarantees a 50%2 reduction in hospital/facility acquired pressure injuries which can provide your facility with significant clinical and patient outcomes and notable cost avoidance.

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*Median - Okonkwo H et al, 2020
1. Bates-Jensen BM, McCreath HE, Pongquan V. Sub-epidermal moisture is associated with early pressure ulcer damage in nursing home residents with dark skin tones: pilot findings. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2009;36(3):277-284.
2. Burns M. (2020). Reducing Pressure Injury/Ulcer (PI/U) Ulcer through the Introduction of Technology. Accepted and presented at EWMA, Virtual Conference