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Product life-cycle management

End of Expected Service Life, Discontinuation, Obsoletion & Replacement Programmes

Arjo is committed to providing quality products and programmes that enhance the care and safety of patients, residents and their care givers.

As part of our continuing process of product improvement and responsible product life-cycle management, products in the field which are no longer manufactured, and have reached the end of their ‘expected service life’ as defined in their instructions for use, are first discontinued and then obsoleted from the Arjo portfolio.

A number of products in our extensive patient handling, hygiene, disinfection, medical beds, trolleys, couches, furniture, therapy surfaces and VTE product portfolios are in a discontinuation phase and will be obsoleted in the near future.

Discontinuation means that the products are no longer manufactured but can still be sold, rented, inspected, maintained, repaired, serviced and supported as long as there are spare parts and service kits available.

Products in a discontinuation phase will gradually be transitioned to an “obsolete” status with final obsoletion dates being dependent on the specific products. For further information on the final obsoletion dates for your products, please contact your local Arjo representative or customer services on the telephone numbers below.

After the date of final obsolescence, Arjo will no longer be able to sell, rent, inspect, maintain, repair, service, or support the products.

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Arjo can help you to identify appropriate alternative products that have all of the features, functions and benefits of the ‘obsoleted’ products that need to be replaced.

Arjo can also offer flexibility and choice with regards to selection of, and payment for, equipment by providing various ownership options:

  • Capital purchase
  • Deferred payment options
  • Flexible rental contracts (short & long term options)
  • Leasing option

For additional information or assistance, please contact your local Arjo Sales Representative or our 24 hour customer services department on 0845 734 2000 (Houghton Regis), 0845 611 4114 (Gloucester), 028 90 502000 (Belfast) or (01) 809 8960 (Dublin); alternatively you can contact us online here.