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“As long as he can move, he’s happy” – Lars, father has dementia

“Helge has traditionally been very active – not being able to move would be a big hit for his self-confidence and dignity.” – Francesca, caregiver for father-in-law

Nine months ago, Lars’ father Helge was officially diagnosed with dementia. But the warning signs have been growing for many years – from gradually not being able to remember and problems concentrating to increasing difficulties walking. All of which have been challenging for an independent and active person with a love of the great outdoors.

“In the beginning, it was a very slow progression. We could see that he couldn’t remember and that there were things which were difficult for him,” says Lars.

For Lars and his partner Francesca, enabling someone with dementia to stay active is as important as keeping their mind active, especially as the condition progresses. And while Helge’s mobility may not improve, they believe it’s vital to not let it deteriorate significantly from where it is now – to maintain his self-confidence, dignity and quality of life.

“We don’t know how the person is experiencing dementia – we can only imagine. But as family members, there’s a mix of sadness, anger, doubt, pain and helplessness.” – Francesca, caregiver for father-in-law

As family members and caregivers, caring for someone with dementia can be a huge and often overwhelming undertaking – both physically and emotionally. But as long as Helge can keep moving freely within his care facility, Lars and Francesca can see he’s happy. A fact which ultimately keeps them happy.


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