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Carmen Helbok-Föger, Benevit, Austria

''Movement provides a better quality of life for our residents.''

With ‘I feel good here’ as the guiding principal for residents as well as staff, Benevit’s seven nursing homes in Austria offer comfortable and secure living spaces for its elderly residents – and economical and healthy workplaces for a workforce of 350 people.

One thing that has helped set Benevit apart is the integration of the Arjo MOVE program, which has shown positive impacts on physical and mental stress within the nursing teams.

“The program has been indispensable for our staff. Long-term sick leave time have dropped massively, without doubt partly due to ergonomics training and use of aids.”

“We asked the entire team how they felt after the training. The results we got was a 45-50% reduction in physical strain, while psychological stress, complaints and sleep disorders were reduced with 40-45%,” says Carmen Helbok-Föger, Managing Director Care and Organizational Development at Benevit.


All of this brings improvements in the quality of work, making Benevit more attractive for new employees. For the residents, the supporting aids are also appreciated mechanical ‘colleagues’ to the trained staff. They support mobility with dignity – and incidents of pressure injuries and venous thrombosis due to immobility have been significantly reduced.

Intelligently designed products, which one nursing specialist can use alone without needing an extra person, are of course also a very important aspect.

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The demand for healthcare is growing. At the same time, healthcare facilities are under pressure to optimise costs and efficiencies in care. Arjo contributes by empowering providers with tools and insights needed for achieving their clinical, operational and financial goals.

If you pursue these topics for years, then it is very interesting what opportunities and results you can achieve together with the right partner.”

“Choosing a partner is not only about price. You have to see the entire picture. Arjo’s approach of focusing not only on equipment, but on the entire care environment, processes and people, is what we believe in as well. You have to consider the long-term benefits,” says Thomas Scharwitzl, Managing Director, Finance and Administration at Benevit.


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