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“In Arjo I find continuous opportunities for growth – both professional and personal”

Being part of Arjo's commitment to improve peoples’ health and well-being, and by that their quality of life, is what makes Francesca Lagher most proud about her work. This gives her energy and motivation to do her best every day in her role as a Tender & Offer Specialist in Italy. Read her story here, as part of our employer branding concept.


Francesca joined Arjo in 2002 and has been part of the company’s development and challenges through 20 years.  What has remained unchanged for her is the spirit of sharing and collaboration with colleagues, in an open and friendly working atmosphere.

Arjo’s core message of Empowering Movement is also something that Francesca holds close to her heart. She finds it being a beneficial spur for looking beyond limitations, encouraging the ability to see new opportunities.

"Based on my experience, people struggle with different types of limitations. It can be a physical limitation, like for me living with impaired vision, or an emotional limitation, for example a fear of stepping out of our comfort zone and face new challenges. I think that every one of us can acknowledge our limitations and try to overcome them, by setting goals to always move forward. And this is a mindset that can truly be encouraged by others, through knowledge, inspiration and support."

Another important aspect that Francesca appreciates about working in Arjo is that she continuously finds opportunities for growth – both professional and personal.

"In particular the Wellness Path and the workshops around Mindfulness and Assertiveness have really made me reflect. They helped me to ask myself the right questions to be able to introduce positive changes in my life.”

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"I am happy to work for a company where you get recognized by leaders that believe in you"

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