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Pressure ulcer prevention and management is a key challenge globally, especially for patients and residents with reduced mobility.


Watch our video case study from Highland Home Carers to understand how our innovative solutions supported them in the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. Carolanne Mainland and her team discuss their project and how it not only achieved a reduction in  pressure ulcers but also had wide reaching outcomes for patients and their families, care givers and the organisation.

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What are the benefits of early detection of pressure ulcer risk?

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Cost efficiences


Pressure ulcers cost £2.1bn to the UK healthcare system each year.1  The Provizio® SEM Scanner enables earlier and targeted interventions for significant financial benefits and cost savings.2-3

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Reductions in health inequities


People with dark skin tones are four times more likely to die from PU related causes than average.4  The Provizio® SEM Scanner provides objective PU risk assessment on admission and five days*5 earlier, regardless of skin tone.6

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Resource efficiencies


Nurse or auxiliary time accounts for almost 90% of the treatment cost of pressure ulcers.1  The Provizio® SEM Scanner support reduced nursing time and costs of care by avoiding PU-related complications. 2, 3

Customer case study: Highland Home Carers achieve zero pressure ulcers

When Carolanne Mainland, Operations Director for Highland Home Carers, came across the Provizio® SEM Scanner at an industry event, she was determined to use this innovative technology in an ambitious project to eliminate pressure ulcers. In this inspiring video, Carolanne explains the impact of the project on the people they support, their families and their caregivers. This partnership with Arjo resulted in zero pressure ulcers developing and won three prestigious industry awards. Read the full press release here and watch the video for the full story.

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Sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) is recognised in the international guideline recommendations since 2019

Sub-epidermal moisture provides a biomarker alerting clinicians before visible damage manifests at the skin surface.5



The Provizio® SEM Scanner is the only hand-held device which detects sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) under the skin. It is supported by an extensive body of clinical research relating to device functionality and improved outcomes.7



It empowers the ability to deliver objective an anatomically-specific PU risk assesment, ensuring a 5-day*5 window of opportunity to deploy a targeted and tailored PU prevention strategy that helps minimise PU incidence and reduce overall cost and time to care.