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Dear Arjo Express user,

Within the coming months, the way you login to Arjo Express and your digital Arjo offerings will be upgraded.

NB: The change will have limited impact on you, and will not prevent you from performing the tasks you currently do on Arjo Express


Why change?

  • Arjo Express remains your one-stop shop to manage your rental/service business with us online – always available and effícient.​ 
  • Access to the broader Arjo digital offering (education, downloadable assets, etc). This will grow over time, bringing you additional value.
  • One entry point, one login. The new login experience is part of reducing the number of separate entry points to various systems, duplicate user credentials, etc; but also ensuring the most recent standard of security. ​


What will change and how does it affect me?

While you can still access Arjo Express with the address (URL) you are currently using, you will notice a few changes:

  • Arjo Express landing page: You will first key in your username, then your password as a second step.
  • Existing username/email and password: These will continue to work, though you will see a new login page.
  • This requires that your local IT ensure that your firewall accepts the domains:   
  • Arjo Express home (logged in): In addition to viewing Arjo Express as before, you will also be able to access other parts of our digital offering (which will continue to grow over time). You will also be notified of privacy policy consent and asked to accept cookies – both of these are to ensure that you receive relevant information and that we use your data according to your preference.
  • > log in button (top right): You will always be able to find Arjo Express by going through > log in > MyArjo, our customer portal.


When will it happen?

All of the above will only affect select regions at specific points in time.

  • Belgium: Mid Oct 2024
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Italy: early 2025 (more information to come)


In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your local Arjo representative.