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The Mobility Gallery Collection

Choices related to care should be based on conscientious resident/patient assessments, and we must recognise that there is no such thing as a typical resident/patient.

In order to plan residents/patients’ care, these choices need to be conscious and well balanced. In other words, as well as tailoring care to each individual, there is also a need of some sort of standardisation.

Arjo’s Mobility Gallery is an assessment and communication tool based on different levels of mobility; from completely mobile and independent residents/patients, to those who are entirely bedridden.

The Mobility Gallery presents the five levels of functional mobility by relating them to five individuals – all based on residents or patients you could expect to meet in your everyday working life.

Using the Mobility Gallery Collection can ensure that you speak the same language related to resident/patient functional mobility and when assessing the unmet needs of the different residents, patients and caregivers. It can help you pinpoint potential solutions to make a real difference to both quality of care and quality of work.

The Mobility Gallery Collection consists of:

  • The Mobility Gallery booklet
  • Educational posters
  • Mobility Gallery posters
  • Mobility Gallery clinical references

To download your copy of the Mobility Gallery Collection, please submit the form.