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Skin microclimate and pressure ulcer/injury prevention

Arjo is welcoming you to join Professor Jan Kottner and the Skin microclimate and pressure ulcer/injury prevention webinar. Professor Jan Kottner works at the Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin. His key research interests are skin and tissue integrity and preventive skin care with a special focus on skin physiology, skin barrier restoration and maintenance. 

Sustained mechanical loading and deformation of the skin and subcutaneous layers cause pressure ulcers/injuries. In addition, the so-called microclimate plays a role. Skin microclimate is the temperature, humidity and airflow next to the skin surface. The microclimate properties affect the structure and function of the skin increasing or lowering possible damage thresholds. This webinar describes in detail how the skin microclimate develops, how temperature and humidity act on the skin and contributes to possible pressure ulcer/injury development. Finally, basic pressure ulcer/injury prevention strategies are discussed with a particular focus on skin microclimate.


Jan Kottner, PhD

Professor of Nursing Science at the Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin