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Martina · VTE Product Specialist · Sweden

”It would make me cry – every time”

“Doctors and family members will often comment on how important something so simple like seeing the sun is often what’s needed to keep them going.” 

Martina Kroon began her career as a nurse, and with focus on anaesthesiology she worked within acute care environments for many years. Today you will often find her working within healthcare facilities. As a product specialist, she is committed to empowering nurses like her to prevent venous thromboembolism VTE.

“After all those years working in acute care it is nice to be able to help with preventing common problems that can be anticipated. At Arjo I get to do this almost every day.” 


“I had the time, training and experience as a nurse, so I volunteered. And had full support from Arjo 


With the recent pandemic, Martina made the decision to take a leave of absence from her work with Arjo so she could work as a volunteer at Jönköping Hospital’s Covid-19 intensive care ward. She not only got to take part in the struggle first-hand, but also the rewards of positive outcomes. 


“Patients who made it to the intensive care ward fortunately survived, but they could be sedated for weeks. And it was extremely difficult for the families because they could not even visit. But then when patients start to wake up and breathe on their own, we could help them to make that first Facetime or phone call to their loved ones. That moment was worth everything. It would always make me cry – every time.” 


Arjo must always be moving. We have to be there when they need us” 


These kinds of experiences are what Martina lives for. Even during less extreme times where the world is not facing a pandemic she feels empowered to provide quality of life. 

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