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Promote mobility for all. Safe, efficient & dignified mobilization, transfers & repositioning.

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Discover the benefits of our Patient Handling Solutions with a personalized demonstration from an Arjo representative. Book a demonstration to see our Patient Handling Solutions in action.

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Patient handling transfers using a multifaceted approach can help to reduce injury amongst caregivers and promote healthier outcomes for those affected by mobility challenges.

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Watch the on-demand webinar

Watch the recorded webinar by Deborah Harrison on single-handed care and person centered care approach to empowering mobility. This webinar will describe single-handed care approach and how it looks like in healthcare setting; what is needed to be in place to implement this approach; how is it perceived by the patients; what are the benefits to healthcare facilities; and much more!

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5 solutions that support single-handed care

The term single-handed care simply refers to a means of safely transferring an individual with the correct equipment and appropriate number of carers.

In some care environments, there have long been ‘informal working practices’ automatically requiring the need for two caregivers when assisting with patient handling activities. However, in recent years there has been a definite shift towards the provision of single-handed care, especially within long-term care settings.

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What’s the cost of caregiver injury and patient immobility in healthcare environments?

Patient handling injuries can be costly not only for the caregiver but also for the organisation. The financial impact is associated with injury investigation and potential claim management, temporarily replacing an injured caregiver and litigation/settlement costs.

Rehab broshure

Rehabilitation guide through empowering movement

This guide offers ideas to assist and enhance moments for mobility by introducing technology as a supporting aid in rehabilitation therapy.


Request your copy of our guide 'Rehabilitation through Empowering Movement' below

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Book a demo now to begin including these products in your rehabilitation practices, and actually see them in practice, we would love to show you.

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Your partner in facility design

We have a long history of collaborating closely with architects, nursing home executives, safe patient handling experts, residents and relatives. Our experience has taught us that to create efficient care facilities and to obtain a good working environment, the right combination of environment, equipment and care skills are needed. Therefore it is key to design for sufficient space early in the planning of a new facility

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