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Multipurpose hygiene chair

The Carendo multipurpose hygiene chair facilitates an efficient hygiene and showering routine within a single transfer, while allowing a comfortable working posture for the caregiver throughout the process.

Carendo is designed to enable a single caregiver to perform the full hygiene routine, including dressing and undressing, toileting, showering and other hygiene tasks in a single transfer.

Height-adjustable and reclining, Carendo allows the caregiver and resident to reach their preferred height and position throughout the hygiene routine.

Designed with Carl and Doris in mind.
Carendo is designed to allow a single caregiver to perform the full hygiene care routine without additional equipment or assistance, including showering, toileting, hair washing, foot care, managing compression stockings, changing of incontinence pads and other discreet hygiene tasks, dressing and undressing, and transfer to and from the shower area.

Allows caregiver to reach preferred working height throughout the hygiene routine.

Dignified care
The Care Raiser function enables you to gently lift your patient or resident’s lower body with the touch of a button, allowing access for performing discreet hygiene tasks while maintaining the patient or resident’s dignity.

Enhanced support
The full-length backrest and sturdy armrests provide additional support for patients and residents with reduced upper body stability.

Convenient control
Handset allows caregiver to operate the device while staying close to the resident. Emergency stop and emergency lowering buttons are clearly positioned on the side of the backrest.

Suitable for mobility levels C and D.

Measurements and weights

 Safe working load 136 kg (300lbs)
 Weight 64 kg (141 lbs)
 Lifting stroke (seat) 550 mm (21 5/8")
 Seat height, lowest position510 mm (20 1/8ʺ
 Maximum overall length1520 mm (59 7/8ʺ
 Maximum overall width650 mm (25 5/8ʺ)
 Total height, upright position1230 mm (48 3/8ʺ
 Total length, upright position940 mm (37ʺ)
 Chassis, Max width640 mm (25 1/5ʺ
 Chassis, width between legs 508 mm (20ʺ)



Supply voltage24 V DC
Max power150 VA
Protection ClassIPX4 (complete product)

Carendo Instructions for use

Category: Instructions for use

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Type: PDF

Size: 1.62 Mb

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