Ulf Grunander 750.jpg

Ulf Grunander

Born 1954.

Board member since 2017. Chairman of the Audit

Principal education and professional experience: B.Sc. in
Economics, Stockholm University. Previous experience as
authorized auditor and CFO of Getinge Group 1993–2016.

Other current assignments/positions: Chairman of the Board of Nyströms Gastronomi & Catering AB and Djurgården Merchandise Handelsbolag, and board member in AMF Pensionsförsäkring AB, Lifco AB (publ), and Djurgården Hockey AB.

Previous assignments/positions (past five years):Member of the
Board of several companies within the Getinge Group and
CFO of Getinge Group 1993–2016.

Holding (own and related parties): 83,622 series B shares and 476,190 synthetic share options.

Independent in relation to the company's major shareholders, but not in relation to the company and the company's management.