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Le nostre soluzioni

Noi di Arjo contribuiamo a creare ambienti sanitari più sicuri ed efficienti. Dalle soluzioni per la movimentazione e il trasferimento e dalla mobilizzazione del paziente all'igiene e alla prevenzione delle ulcere da decubito, offriamo una gamma di soluzioni progettate per superare le nuove e sempre mutevoli sfide che le strutture di Acute Care e Long Term Care si trovano attualmente ad affrontare.
Scopri di più

Architetti e progettisti

We’ve talked to architects across the globe to find out more about their process, and how we can support them. The result is the online Arjo Guide for Architects and Planners.
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Soluzioni per stanze bariatriche

With the right solutions, plus size patients can experience comfortable and dignified care – every step of the journey.

Assistenza delle persone che vivono con demenza

In an environment where intimate care routines can entail a moment of friction, our solutions are designed to make every-day tasks easier for carers and comfortable for residents.

Mobilità precoce

Arjo Early Mobility Solutions enable you to mobilise patients in ICU early, often and at a safe and optimal level of functioning, helping you improve outcomes and maximise efficiencies.
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Soluzioni di letti ospedalieri

Whether it be an elderly resident or a recovering patient, the bed is an important aspect of daily care. It is a place of comfort and security, where rest and recovery should be both safe and therapeutic.
Arjo Sara Plus Patient 370x280.png

Patient handling solutions

Arjo Standing and Raising Aid Solutions enable you to mobilise patients early, often, and at a safe and optimal level of functioning, helping you improve outcomes and maximise efficiencies.
Arjo-Specialist areas-Pressure injury prevention-Skin IQ range_370x280.jpg

Prevenzione delle lesioni da pressione

Our support systems for pressure injury prevention are designed to help you optimize clinical outcomes and to help prevent the negative impact of immobility.
Arjo Early Mobility In bed mobilisation 370x280.jpg

Soluzioni per la prevenzione del TEV

With the Arjo Flowtron Active Compression System, professional caregivers can deliver safe, convenient and flexible VTE prevention therapy that helps them achieve compliance and optimal clinical efficacy.
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At Arjo we offer a wide range of assessment services to help healthcare facilities improve their clinical outcomes and efficiency, and reduce risks for caregivers and residents/patients.


Flexibility and choice to support your infection control strategy.