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“After over 30 years at Arjo, I still wake up every day full of enthusiasm”

After losing his first son to a severe illness in the early 1990s, Enrique Serratos-Vasquez has dedicated his entire professional career to helping others – and the veteran in Arjo’s US sales team still wakes up every morning with his heart full of compassion and enthusiasm.

“Providing tools that help people overcome immobility has been part of my own healing process, and I can’t think of a better place for doing this than Arjo. In my opinion, both our people and products are outstanding. Our philosophy is founded on a genuine passion for helping others. There is an atmosphere here that charges you with motivation every day,” Enrique says.

After starting out in the US service division already in 1991, Enrique moved on to managing the service center on the west coast for a couple of years before joining the sales team. Since 2004, he is a sales account executive within Arjo’s Acute Care division, with Los Angeles in California as home base.

“When meeting customers, my main focus is on making a positive difference for them. When people know that we truly care, they will sense that we are a serious and  compassionate business partner,” Enrique says.

He continues: “I learned in the hardest of ways that adaptability is what keeps us going. If you can turn whatever life throws at you into a positive way forward, you become able to deal with any challenge that comes along. Both privately and professionally.”

Enrique believes that adaptability is key to Arjo’s ability to stay on top of the current changes in the healthcare industry.

“We understand what is happening in our industry, and we are adapting to the increased demand for solutions that improve clinical and financial outcomes. Our ability to empower movement wherever there is a need for increased mobility in healthcare makes us unique,” he says and concludes:

“We want to become the leader; the most trusted partner for people facing mobility challenges. Who doesn’t want to be part of that?”

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