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Mobile passive sling lifter for plus-size patients

Tenor mobile floor lifter is specifically designed for lifting and transferring plus-size patients or residents.

The design incorporates features that ensure exceptional strength and stability. The lightweight aluminium structure provides a safe working load of 320 kg / 704 lb.

The slings are designed to meet the comfort and support requirements of dependent plus-size patients.

Optional suspended scale enables the caregiver to weigh the patient while performing a transfer.

The connection of the spreader bar with the sling attachment enables 360-degree movement of the patient during transfer and positioning.

Familiar arc lifter with a hand control enables the caregiver to stay close to the patient throughout the transfer.
Curved jib design with a capacity to lift 320 kg/704 lb. The curved design maximises lifting clearance and is important for 360-degree rotation when patient is lifted.

Using the 4-point bariatric spreader bar provides a wider gap between the shoulder and leg hooks. This distributes the patient’s weight and is designed to reduce the squeezing forces from the sling.

The ergonomically designed curved handlebar enables the caregiver to turn and manoeuvre in the care environment.

Tenor can be operated from the control panel on the mast or with the hand control, which enables the caregiver to stay close to the patient while operating the lifter.

Optional suspended scale supports an efficient weighing routine.

Technical information

Measurements and weights

Safe working load320 kg (704 lbs)
Weight, incl. battery63 kg (138 lbs)
Battery capacity24 V 4 Ah
Protection class (lifter)IPX4
Protection class (handset)IP67


Power supply9V DC
Battery lifeapprox. 3000 readings
Dual operating controls on handset and mast
Anti-crush mechanism

Tenor Instructions for use

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Tenor Quick reference guide - Use (A4, Landscape, Colour)

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Tenor Quick reference guide - Functions (A4, Portrait, Colour)

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Scales (2016-) Instructions for use

Instructions for use

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