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Johan Malmquist

Born 1961.

Chairman of the Board and Board member since 2017. Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.

Principal education and professional experience: B.Sc. in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics. Previous experience as CEO and President of Getinge Group 1997-2015, Business Area Director within Getinge Group, President of Getinge Group’s French subsidiary and President of subsidiaries within the Electrolux Group.

Other current assignments/positions: Chairman of the Board of Getinge AB (publ) and Trelleborg AB (publ), Board member of Dunkerintressena, Mölnlycke AB, Stena Adactum AB and Chalmers University of Technology Foundation.

Holding (own and related parties): 400,000 series B shares

Independent in relation to the company and company management and in relation to the company’s major shareholders.