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“Starting my work life with a sense of purpose is a privilege”

When Vitória Vellani was searching for an internship, Arjo got her attention because of the products’ outstanding capabilities to really help people. Today, Vitória works with international logistics at Arjo Brazil, ensuring that the products reach their destination – and also get to pass on her knowledge and inspiration to a new intern.

“I really appreciate working at Arjo because it gives a deeper meaning to what I do. My grandmother was suffering from Alzheimer’s during the last years of her life, and I can easily relate to what our solutions could have done for her. I often think of her, and picture her for example in one of our baths – knowing how much she would have benefitted from that type of care.”

Arjo’s vision of being the most trusted partner in driving healthier outcomes for people facing mobility challenges, helps Vitória to direct her energy, also bringing motivation to always give it her best in any situation.

“Since I work in international logistics, I have a lot of contact with colleagues in different parts of the global organisations, which is always a very positive experience. It is in our culture to reach out and support each other whenever we can, because we all know that if we work together, we can achieve so much more.”

Vitória finds the internal atmosphere very positive and encouraging with good leadership, which is something she really appreciates, being in the beginning of her work life.

“This is my first real job and I see myself continue to grow with Arjo. Today I also have an intern working with me, and I always try to give feedback and empower her in the same way that I experienced – because I know how much it means.”

For all employees at Arjo, Empowering Movement, is about creating optimal conditions for increased mobility in healthcare settings, benefitting both clinical and financial outcomes. It is also about empowering ourselves and each other, sharing good energy and moving forward together.

Arjo Employee Piotr

“Having the opportunity to constantly develop together with my team is very stimulating”

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