Due to the growing and ageing population with more complex care needs and the shortage of staff, today’s healthcare is under enormous pressure to do more with less, so Arjo’s solutions are needed more than ever.

Supporting customers in providing high-quality care, clinical expertise and evidence based practice are central to Arjo. In her role as National Clinical Consulting Manager in the UK, Mary is deeply involved in customer collaborations, providing insights into improving clinical outcomes, workflow efficiencies and financial optimisation.

“To be able to partner with our customers, we must understand the challenges they face on a daily basis and provide solutions that create a true value for them and the community they serve.”

As clinicians, Mary and her team have a key role in promoting how Arjo’s mobility solutions can have an impact on the quality of care delivered and the quality of work undertaken in a healthcare organisation.

“I find it extremely rewarding to be part of this process, as I can see how a multi-disciplinary approach that empowers the individual, the caregivers and the facility to work together can achieve positive outcomes for all.”

This collaborative approach is also reflected in how she tries to empower her team to develop, by providing encouragement and support to achieve a common goal.

“Feeling respected and appreciated for the work I do, the sense of belonging and being able to rely on my colleagues are key factors in why I’m still at Arjo 19 years on.”

For all employees at Arjo, Empowering Movement, is about creating optimal conditions for increased functional mobility in healthcare settings, benefiting clinical, operational and financial outcomes. It is about empowering ourselves and each other, sharing good energy and moving forward together.