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Flexible service contracts to suit your needs

Every facility have different requirements when choosing a service contract to suit them. We have a range of flexible service contract types and can tailor our service offerings to meet the specific needs of your facility. In addition to our Arjo devices, we also manage service and repairs of most third-party equipment represented on the market.

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Global Expertise, Local Service Solutions​


Discover a service partnership that pairs global expertise with local presence. We can tailor our service offerings to meet the needs of your facility, and connect you to a comprehensive portfolio of products and specialised care solutions​

The Service Engineers at Arjo have a wealth of experience and have been trained & certified to manage service and repair of the full portfolio of Arjo equipment as well as most third-party products in the market.​

We only use original spare parts and as an Arjo service contract customer you can enjoy attractive spare parts discounts.​

All maintenance and repair work is documented electronically to ensure traceability and support your compliance processes - all in accordance with local authorities (unique text for web).​

As an Arjo service contract customer you get access to the online Arjo Express service portal, which enable you immediate acccess to the latest service status of your equipment and managing your service orders at any time.​

We offer a wide range of flexible service contracts to suit your requirements and budget.

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Preventive maintenance matters

6 Key benefits of preventive maintenance of medical equipment;

  • Increased equipment lifespan— Regular preventive maintenance can extend the lifespan of medical equipment, reducing the need for costly replacements and saving money in the long run.
  • Sustained patient safety— Properly maintained medical equipment is more likely to provide accurate results, which can help healthcare providers to diagnose and treat patients more effectively.
  • Increased operational efficiency— Preventive maintenance can help to reduce the likelihood of equipment failures, which commonly leads to disruptions in patient care. As this factor is reduced, healthcare organizations can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of healthcare facilities.
  • Increased medical asset utilization — The maximizing medical asset utilization benefit, in short, means extending the usability and availability, while also improving reliability.
  • Reduced risk of equipment failure— By identifying and addressing potential issues before they become major problems, preventive maintenance can reduce the risk of equipment failure and breakdowns.
  • Enhanced reputation — Healthcare facilities that prioritize preventive maintenance are more likely to be perceived as reliable and trustworthy by stakeholders. This can improve the reputation of the facility and enhance its overall credibility.


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