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Empowering Movement: Improving Outcomes with an Integrated Approach to Pressure Ulcer/Injury Prevention

Pressure ulcer or pressure injury affects thousands of lives and is a major for any healthcare providers. With an increasing complexity posed by the COVID-19, on patients and residents and new guidelines released, Arjo is welcoming you to join Jacqui Fletcher OBE - Independent Wound Care Consultant,  to explore ways to prevent pressure injury.
As a part of the session, the following areas will be covered: 

  • New perspectives on pressure ulcer/injury development and the damage cascade

  • Leading factors which predispose the individual to the risk of pressure ulcer/injury development 

  • New perspectives in early risk assessment, detection & intervention 

  • The role of mobilization and the importance of moving patients appropriately to prevent pressure injury


Jacqui Fletcher OBE

RN, MSc, PGC (Ed) BSc (Hons) FHEASenior Nurse AdvisorIndependent Wound Care Consultant