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COVID-19: Rehabilitation journey from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) across the continuum of care to home
COVID-19 has brought many patients through the ICU. The mobilization and rehabilitation process following an ICU stay can be challenging.

Arjo is inviting you to join Robert Masterman and Sasha Latvala to discuss the rehabilitation and mobility journey for COVID-19 ICU patients. Mobility is vital for maintaining patient flow through hospitals, reducing delayed discharge and helping people return to their pre-hospital level of function where possible.

Empowering movement and facilitating mobility with patients early in the care pathway is important for recovery. Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Programs with a focus on empowering patient mobility play a vital role in the rehabilitation process.  SPHM technology traditionally seen as ‘patient handling equipment’ can in fact support therapists to facilitate rehab activities safely and effectively, whilst also supporting caregivers to maximise mobility moments during the care pathway.



Robert Masterman
Physical therapist & Certified safe patient handling clinician

Sasha Latvala
Clinical safe patient handling & mobility consultant