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SEM measurement as a precursor to non-blanching erythema to determine pressure injury risk

Pressure induced tissue damage occurs when excess pressure is applied to the tissue for a long period of time resulting in small blood vessel collapse and ischemia.  A precursor to the visual indications such as reddened skin or erythema is sub epidermal oedema. These inflammatory changes in the skin and underlying tissues can occur in 3-10 days before being visible at the skin surface. Typically this oedema is not able to be assessed using traditional skin inspection processes.

The Provizio SEM scanner detects these inflammatory changes before visual indications such as redness occurs.  This enables clinicians to make key decisions around the prophylaxis strategies to mitigate pressure injury.

Introducing Provizio® SEM Scanner is the first hand-held wireless scanner with intelligence inside, for fast and easy PI/PU risk assessments and the only SEM Scanner that acts as an adjunct to routine clinical skin assessment on the sacrum and heels.  The Provizio® has digitally enhanced the patient care pathway with built-in data transfer for enhanced insight and risk identification.

Nicola Jackson, Clinical Educator, Arjo Australia
RN, Grad. Dip. Neuroscience, Grad. Cert. Nursing Management


Nicola Jackson

National Clinical Consultant, RN, Grad. Dip. Neuroscience, Grad. Cert. Nursing Management - Arjo