Prone physiology and clinical application in the Covid era
We highlight and discuss the advantages, learnings and expectations of what will happen with proning.

Arjo, together with Prof. Claude Guerin and Prof. John Marini - professors of critical care, invites you to discuss the advantages of prone positioning for oxygen exchange, proning in ARDS vs. CARDS and a clinical perspective on what we have learnt on proning during Covid-19.

We will discuss:

• The advantages of prone positioning for oxygen exchange and lung protection
• Proning in ARDS vs. CARDS (COVID-19 ARDS)
• What have we learnt on proning during COVID-19: a clinical perspective
• What can we expect happening with proning after the COVID-19 pandemic



Professor Claude Guerin
Consultant Professor Critical Care, University Hospital of Lyon, France

Professor John Marini
Professor Critical Care Medicine Regions Hospital and University of Minnesota, USA