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Pressure Injury Prevention Clinical Evidence Summary

Pressure injury prevention and treatment is ongoing challenge to care environments

As patient age and acuity levels continue to rise, increasing frailty, complex underlying chronic diseases and rising obesity add to the daily challenges faced by clinicians.

These challenges include ‘pressure injuries’ or otherwise known as ‘pressure ulcers’ or ‘bed wounds’ and/or ‘bed sores’.

Despite advances in bed surface technologies, education, guidelines and facility-based continuous improvement programmes, pressure injury prevalence and incidence remain high in many care settings.

Arjo’s pressure injury prevention solutions, such as our alternating pressure mattress replacement system along with a range of other support services are subject to a clinical focus in our Pressure Injury Prevention Clinical Evidence Summary.

Pressure Injury Prevention Clinical Evidence Summary

The clinical evidence summary offers you an introduction to pressure injuries and focuses on 5 key areas:

  • The Risks: Pressure, shear and time: a toxic combination

  • The Pyramid of Care: A visual guide to address risk factors

  • Active pressure redistribution surfaces

  • Reactive pressure redistribution surfaces

  • Managing microclimate

  •  Posture and repositioning

To download a copy of the summary please enter details in our form.