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Maxi Once

MaxiOnce is a single-use disposable sliding sheet designed to meet the needs and challenges of healthcare facilities and hospital areas with high patient turnover and the need for management of

Prevent caregiver injuries by reducing physical effort
Done manually, some patient handling tasks create a risk of
injury, most likely to the caregiver’s shoulders and lower back.
MaxiOnce is made from a strong low friction material that helps
caregivers move and reposition patients in bed. Consequently,
the caregivers are less inclined to be injured.1
• Easy Access
MaxiOnce comes on a roll, which can be inserted into the wallmounted
holder for easy access to the product at all times.
• Easy to use and convenient
MaxiOnce can be cut to any length, according to the needs of the
patient and the transfer, ensuring minimum waste. It also has a
measuring system that makes it easy to determine the length of
sliding aid required.

1. Baptiste A, et al. (April 2006) “Friction-Reducing Devices for Lateral Patient Transfers: A Clinical Evaluation”.
Article in AAOHN Journal. DOI: 10.1177/216507990605400407. Source: PubMed.

The MaxiOnce saves time and reduces risk.

As a single-use disposable sliding sheet, MaxiOnce offers
a solution for busy care environments concerned about
reducing cross-contamination between patients and staff.
It is used for one patient on one occasion, and removes the
need for laundry process.

MaxiOnce can be cut to any length,
according to the needs of the patient and
the transfer, ensuring minimum waste.

The MaxiOnce roll is inserted in a wall-mounted
MaxiOnce holder, where it is available and
ready to use whenever required.December

MaxiOnce has a measuring system with the
Arjo logos printed on it, designed to help
determine the length of sliding aid required.
The distance between each Arjo logo printed
on the sliding sheet is approximately
300 mm (12 in).

Technical Information

Measurements and weight

Article number
8.4 kg (17.6lbs.)
Dimension (Length x Width)
100 x 0.8 m (328 x 2 1/2)

MaxiOnce Holder

Article number

MaxiOnce Measurement System

Length feetLength meters
Number of Arjo logos
4 - 5
1.20 - 1.50
5 - 61.50 - 1.80
6 - 71.80- 2.10
7 - 8 2.10 - 2.408

MaxiOnce Specification Sheet

Category: Brochure/Booklet

File name: Arjo.MaxiOnce.Specs.1.0.INT.EN.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.15 Mb


* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.