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Maxi Air

Maxi Air is an air-assisted single patient use system that provides an effective solution for reducing the physical effort and injury risk associated with performing lateral transfers.

Maxi Air supports the patient on a bed of air – a hover effect created
by air flowing through the perforated underside of the inflatable
single patient use mattress lifts the patient away from the bed

Preventing caregiver injuries by reducing physical effort
Maxi Air minimises friction and shearing forces when transferring
and repositioning the patient, resulting in a smooth transfer for
both the patient and caregiver.1

Preventing cross-contamination
Designed to be used as a single patient use product, MaxiAir
offers a solution for busy care environments concerned about
reducing patient cross-contamination.

Increasing operational efficiency
Studies show that air-assisted lateral transfer devices are
recommended over the traditional draw sheet method for lateral
transfers as they offer a cost-effective solution requiring fewer
caregivers compared with traditional lateral transfer methods.1

1. Baptiste A, et al. (April 2006) “Friction-Reducing Devices for Lateral Patient Transfers: A Clinical Evaluation”.
Article in AAOHN Journal. DOI: 10.1177/216507990605400407. Source: PubMed
Radiolucent and MRI compatible transfer pad and extended hose, make Maxi Air useful during diagnostic procedures.

Maxi Air is a high performance air assisted single patient use system designed to move patients weighing up to 544 kg /1200 lb from one surface to another in a supine position.

Maxi Air is available in 3 different widths with colour-coded handles to quickly distinguish the sizes.

Two safety belts secure the patient onto Maxi Air during inflation and the transfer.

Integrated head cushion to enhance patient comfort.
Weight and dimensions
Product A Mattress
Length mm 1980 mm
Length in 78 in
Product B Maxi Air L
Width mm 860 mm
Width in 34 in
Product C Maxi Air XL
Width mm 990 mm
Width in 39 in
Product D Maxi Air XXL
Width mm 1270 mm
Width in 50 in
Material Non-woven top, nylon back (latex free)
Safe Working Load (SWL) kg 544 kg
Safe Working Load (SWL) lb 1200 lb
Air Supply
Diameter mm 178 mm
Diameter in 7 in
Height mm 317,5 mm
Height in 12 1/2 in
Weight kg 5 kg
Weight lb 11 lb
Sound level 74 dBA
Motor Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1200 W
Motor Power US 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1100W

Maxi Air Instructions for use

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Maxi Air Specification Sheet

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Maxi Air QRG - Use

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