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Maxi Sky 440


As it is easy to manoeuvre and can quickly be attached to a gantry or track, this portable system can be rapidly set up wherever resident/patient handling is required.

The Maxi Sky 440 is the optimum choice for healthcare facilities where flexibility is a high priority.

Smooth operation

The controls are easily accessible on the handheld control unit and the front of the lift cassette. The electronic soft-start and soft-stop makes it easy for the caregiver to ensure the lift can always be stopped smoothly and safely in exactly the right position.

Built-In safeguards

Features such as a brake, manual lowering system and stopping device safeguard the resident/patient in the event of an emergency. A power limiter prevents lift use when the battery is low.

Simple maintenance

Changing the battery in the lift cassette is easy and requires only a screwdriver. A red light on the lift cassette alerts the caregiver when servicing is required. The modular design means replacement components can be simply snapped into place.

Full range of slings

A complete range of loop slings is available for use on the two-point spreader bar. The wide-set sling hooks make transfers more comfortable for the resident/patient.
Tarzan hookAn additional strap, known as the Tarzan hook, allows smooth and easy transfers between track systems or rooms.

On track

The tight radius of the curved track sections enables layouts with superior space utilisation. The track sections fit together using a unique pin-locking system, and once in place, the seamless joints provide a smooth ride for the resident/patient during lateral transfers.

Technical Information

Measurements and weights

Lifting capacity200 kg (440 lbs)
Unit weight (batteries included)
6.35 kg (14 lbs)
LED indicator for maintenance required
Electronic microprocessor soft-start and soft-stop motor control
Manual emergency lowering device (located on the motor cab)
Electrical up and down emergency buttons
Emergency stopping device (push button) accessible below unit
Low battery indicator (audible and visual LED)
Charging indicatorsblinking yellow – charging,  full yellow – charging completed
ABS FR casing (fire retardant)
Emergency brake, operates the same way as a car safety belt
Strap length up to 2.2 m (88") tested for 1363.6 kg (3000 lbs)
Lifting speed4.3 cm/sec (1.7"/sec)
Batteries2 x 2.3 Ah will average 2 to 4 hours to a complete charge
or 30 transfers at 80 kg (176 lbs)
CSA No 601.1, UL No 2601-1 certifications
CE marked / ISO 10535
Charger unit
Power indicator on charging module
100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz / 27 Va
Class 2 insulated
Hand control
ABS fire retardant
Santopren tactile buttons / IP44

Assembly and Installation Manual

Assembly and Installations Manual

Category: Assembly and installation instructions

File name: 001-00548-EN rev. 2.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.95 Mb


Instructions for use Portable Lift Reacher

Portable Lift Reacher Instructions For Use - 001.08315.XX rev. 5

Category: Instructions for use

File name: 001.08315.EN-rev-6.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.78 Mb

[EN for AU, INT, US, GB] [FR for FR, CA, CH, AT] [IT for IT, CH] NL-NL [DE for DE, AT, CH] [FR for FR, CA, CH, AT]

Instructions for use Addendum to Maxi Sky 440/Voyager Portable IFU rev. 0

Category: Instructions for use

File name: 001-14350-EN-rev.-1.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.4 Mb

[EN for AU, INT, US, GB]

Instructions for use Extension Strap

Extension Strap Instructions for Use

Category: Instructions for use

File name: 001-00620-EN rev. 2.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 2.29 Mb

[EN for INT, US, AU, GB] PL-PL

Maxi Sky 440 with Loops Sling Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide - Maxi Sky 440 with Loops Sling

Category: Quick reference guide

File name: 001-00602-BIL rev. 2.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.24 Mb


Maxi Sky 440 Specification Sheet

Category: Flyer/Leaflet

File name: Arjo.Maxi Sky 440.Specs.1.0.INT.EN.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.21 Mb


* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.