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Maxi Sky 2

The Maxi Sky 2 series is specifically designed for flexibility and ease of use, delivering a tailored solution for the special needs and requirements of your care environment.

The Maxi Sky® 2 Series is part of the Arjo's ever-evolving Maxi Sky® range

Our complete range of Maxi Sky ceiling lifts are designed to integrate with your care environment, helping to ensure a safe, comfortable and dignified experience for everyone involved.

Our Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift series delivers a complete and intuitive patient handling solution suitable for both long-term and acute care environments, assisting you in safeguarding the wellbeing of caregivers, patients and residents.

The ceiling lifts are installed, stored and operated so that a single caregiver can transfer patients or residents smoothly without any manual lifting, thereby helping to reduce the risk of
injury for themselves and the person in their care.
Easy connection, turning and positioning
Switch and secure spreader bars in just three simple steps using Quick Connect, the intuitive spreader bar attachment system. Once your patient is safely secured, the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) or Powered DPS ensures the positioning and turning of your patient or resident can be effortless and precise.

A safe working load across patient demographics
The SWL comes in a selection of: 272 kg (600 lbs), 200 kg (440 lbs) or 120 kg (265 lbs), delivering flexibility according to your need.

Intuitive usability for a single caregiver
Featuring an easy-to-use handset control and colour display cassette showing essential data and battery life, Maxi Sky 2 is designed to optimise the working routine of a single caregiver.

A comprehensive range of accessories and upgrades
To accommodate the unique and forever changing needs of individual patients and residents, we offer a comprehensive range of spreader bars and accessories, ensuring you are always able to tailor and optimise your transfer.

Tailored coverage for your unique environment
KWIKtrak has been specifically designed with aesthetics in mind, providing a discrete solution that integrates seamlessly with your care environment. The flexible system helps you maximise the utilisation of your space without compromising the efficiency of your environment.

Enhanced charging system (ECS)
Ensuring batteries are continuously charged, ECS makes sure your Maxi Sky 2 is always ready for use.


Measurements & weights

Max safe working load120 kg (265 lbs), 200 kg (440 lbs), 272 kg (600 lbs)
Weight, complete (four-function model)12.3 kg (27 lbs)
Weight, complete (two-function model)11.6 kg (26 lbs)

Lifting speeds:

6 cm/sec (2.4"/sec) at 0 kg (0 lbs)
3.9 cm/sec (1.5"/sec) at 100 kg (220 lbs)
3.5 cm/sec (1.4"/sec) at 200 kg (440 lbs)
2.5 cm/sec (1.0"/sec) at 272 kg (600 lbs)


Adjustable horizontal displacement speeds10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm/sec (4", 6", 8"/sec)
Preset at 20 cm/sec (8"/sec)
Electronic microprocessor soft start and stop motor control
Maintenance required indicator visual LED, symbol and code on LCD screen
Lift, protection class, shock prevention internally powered equipment
Strap length2300 mm (90.6")
IP ClassIP24
Noise level for raising and lowering, with or without load. 61 dBA Max


2 batteries 12 V, 5 Ah, sealed rechargeable valve regulated lead acid battery
Battery capacity provides up to 120 transfers with a load of 100 kg (220 lbs), up to 70
transfers with a load of 200 kg (440 lbs)
Low battery indicator audible, visual LED and battery status on LCD screen
Charging indicators blinking green LED and battery scrolling symbol on screen
Compatible with ECS track system
Handheld control unit
Easy to clean santopren tactile buttons IPX7
ABS fire retardant V0
Charger unit 100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz / 27 VA
Battery charger safety protection class 2, double insulated
Clip on charger anywhere on the track

Safety features

Auxiliary up and down emergency buttons located on the motor cab
Emergency stopping device (pull cord) accessible from the ground that stops all electric functions
Manual emergency lowering device located on the motor cab
Emergency brake triple centrifugal emergency brake system
Return to charge function weight sensor cut-off initiated by caregiver (optional)
ABS FR casing fire retardant V0
Complies with ISO10535:2006, IEC60601-1:2005

Product configurations

2 or 4 function
ECS or charging station (CSTAT)
Handheld control unit standard or battery-powered DPS

Installation Manual Addendum to Manuals

Using Maxi Sky on tracks other than KWIKtrak 001-14250-EN

Category: Installation Manual

File name: 001-14250-EN rev. 10.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 2.47 Mb


Maxi Sky 2 Transportable Installation Manual

Maxi Sky 2 Transportable Installation Manual

Category: Assembly and installation instructions

File name: 001-31430-EN_1.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 1.82 Mb


Maxi Sky 600 Maxi Sky 2 2 Plus Voyager Duo V5 Duo with Clip and Loop Sling Quick reference guide

Quick Reference Guide Maxi Sky 600, Maxi Sky 2, 2 Plus Voyager Duo V5 Duo with Clip and Loop Sling

Category: Quick reference guide

File name: 001-00601-BIL rev. 2 - QRG.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.4 Mb


Maxi Sky 2 Transportable Quick reference guide

Maxi Sky 2 Transportable Quick Guide

Category: Quick reference guide

File name: 001-31433-EN rev. 2.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 4.68 Mb


Maxi Sky 2 Installation Manual "G" Track Profile Instructions for Use

Category: Kit instructions

File name: 001-14464-EN rev. 1.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.34 Mb


Instructions For use Strap Extension

Category: Instructions for use

File name: 001-00629-EN rev. 1.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 1.12 Mb

[EN for INT, US, AU, GB] NL-NL [FR for INT, CA, CH, AT] [DE for AT, DE, CH] [IT for IT, CH]

Maxi Sky 2 Brochure

Category: Brochure/Booklet

File name: Arjo.Maxi Sky 2.Brochure.1.0.INT.EN.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.52 Mb


Maxi Sky 2 Spec Sheets

Category: Misc (Sales)

File name: Arjo.Maxi Sky 2 Infection Control.Spec.1.0.INT.EN.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.09 Mb


Hygiene and Wellness Brochure

Category: Brochure/Booklet

File name: Arjo.Hygiene and Wellness Brochure.1.1.INT.EN.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 0.77 Mb


* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.