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Maxi Sky 2 Plus


Designed with patients and residents in mind
Patients of larger stature have the right to be treated with comfort and dignity. Maxi Sky 2 Plus makes it possible to deliver this for non-ambulatory plus-size patients (up to 454 kg/1000 lb).

Simple for the caregivers
The four point telescopic spreader bar for plus-size patients is easy to maneuver and provides automatic adjustment to the patient’s size and position. It can be used to lift, transfer, turn and reposition plus-size patients using the Arjo range of bariatric slings.

Flexibility to meet your care setting needs
The different body shapes of plus-size patients require bariatric sling solutions. Arjo has developed a range of sling types in four sizes to suit these various needs. When used in “Single Mode”, Maxi Sky 2 Plus is completely compatible with the Maxi Sky 2 slings and spreader bar portfolio, including the powered dynamic positioning system (PDPS), allowing your care setting to maximise the use of this ceiling lift system in patients of various sizes.
Weight and dimensions
Product A Dual Mode
Lifting Capacity kg 454 kg
Lifting Capacity lb 1000 lb
Lifting Speed 4.3 cm/sec
Maximum Stroke (from ceiling) mm 2300 mm
Maximum Stroke (from ceiling) in 90,6 in
Product B Single Mode
Lifting Capacity kg 272 kg
Lifting Capacity lb 600 lb
Lifter weight (standard) kg 51,6 kg
Lifter weight (standard) lb 113,5 lb
Operating force of control <5N
Strap Length mm 2500 mm
Strap Length in 98,4 in
Lifter protection class IP24
Hand control protection class IP7
Battery Charger Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 57 - 70 VA
Battery charger safety protection Class 2 Double Insulated

Maxi Sky 2 Plus Instructions for use

Maxi Sky 2 Plus - 001-31249-XX, EU IFU

Category: Instructions for use

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Maxi Sky 2 Plus Quick reference guide

Maxi Sky 2 Plus - 001-31290-EN, Quick Guide

Category: Quick reference guide

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Maxi Sky 600 Maxi Sky 2 2 Plus Voyager Duo V5 Duo with Clip and Loop Sling Quick reference guide

Quick Reference Guide Maxi Sky 600, Maxi Sky 2, 2 Plus Voyager Duo V5 Duo with Clip and Loop Sling

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Bariatric Solutions Brochure

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Prevalence of Obesity A3 Poster

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Maxi Sky 2 Plus Specification Sheet

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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.