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FluidAir Elite

Variable fluidisation therapy with therapeutic resident/patient sit-up

Air Fluidized Therapy delivers advanced pressure redistribution, microclimate management, and pain relief for patients with pressure ulcers, burns, surgical flaps and grafts, and other skin wounds.

FluidAir® Elite Therapy System consists of a therapeutic surface filled with microspheres, or tiny solid beads, suspended inside a fluidization tank. A blower on the bottom of the tank forces heated air upward to the support surface, generating a dry whirlpool of warm air that mixes with the microspheres and creates a fluid-like consistency. 
As the patient immerses into the therapeutic surface, it conforms to the patient’s body contours, and body weight spreads evenly throughout the surface. Concentrated pressure on certain areas, such as bony prominences, is redistributed and equalized throughout the patient’s body to help heal skin wounds and relieve pain.  
While the warm air moves upward to the therapeutic surface, excess moisture moves downward, away from the patient’s skin and into the fluidization tank, helping control skin microclimate. 
  • Variable fluidization helps improve patient comfort and reduce the risk of dehydration.
  • Two built-in side steps provide convenient patient access.
  • Vertically lifted side rails provide easy access to the patient.
  • Pause function enables the caregiver to easily stop fluidization to provide nursing care.
  • Built-in scales provide continuous, accurate weight monitoring without having to move the patient.
  • Advanced medical fabric helps maintain skin integrity by keeping it cool and dry while serving as an effective barrier to fluid and bacteria.

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