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Integrated therapy system for critically ill, immobile bariatric residents/patients

The Bariatric medical bed BariAir® Therapy System for immobile, critically ill plus size patients has been designed to help maintain skin integrity, prevent respiratory complications and reduce patient transfers. Suitable for patients weighing up to 386 kg (850 lbs).

The BariAir has been designed to help prevent complications affecting immobile bariatric patients in the critical care environment.


  • Patients whose body weight and size pose a significant risk or care management issue to the patient or staff during routine care procedures.
  • Patients weighing between 136 kg and 386 kg (300 lbs and 850 lbs).
  • Patients who are difficult to turn.
  • Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
  • Patients requiring Percussion Therapy.


  • Unstable cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar fractures.
  • Cervical and skeletal traction.
  • Total weight in excess of 386 kg (850 lbs), including accessories.
  • Low Air Loss (LAL) therapy provides air flow to help maintain skin temperatures and control and manage moisture levels.
  • Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) offloads pressure by constantly changing pressure points.
  • Pulsation Therapy mimics the body’s natural movements to improve blood and lymph flow, increase oxygenation and reduce oedema.
  • Percussion Therapy helps loosen pulmonary secretions and reduces the need for manual interventions.
  • GORE® medical fabric helps maintain skin integrity by keeping it cool and dry while serving as an effective barrier against fluid and bacteria.
  • Expandable bed width adapts to different patient sizes, resulting in improved comfort and safety and more dignified care.
  • Cardiac chair positioning facilitates sit-up-in-chair orders, which may enhance pulmonary positioning.
  • Battery back-up provides two hours of uninterrupted operation during transportation and power failures.
  • X-ray cassette holder eliminates unnecessary patient transfers.
  • Integrated scale reduces patient transfers.

The BariAir® Therapy System for immobile, critically ill bariatric patients has been designed to help maintain skin integrity, prevent respiratory complications and reduce patient transfers. Suitable for patients weighing up to 386 kg (850 lbs).

Technical information

Frame dimensions

Min226 cm L x 110 cm W x 54 cm H (89” L x 43 1/4” W x 21 1/4 ”H)
Max226 cm L x 137 cm W x 70 cm H (89” L x 54” W x 27 1/2” H)

Mattress dimensions

Not expanded203 cm L x 91 cm W (80” L x 36” W)
Expanded203 cm L x 122 cm W (80 ”L x 48” W)


Max recommended resident/patient weight386 kg (850 lbs)
Net weight401 kg (885 lbs)


Leg drop72°
Reverse Trendelenburg16°

Cardiac chair

Leg drop30°


Voltage110/115 V
Max electrical leakage<100 Microamps
Frequency60 Hz


All mattresses comply with TB 106, TB 117, TB 603 standards.
TB 129 and BFD IX-II compliant.


Scale repeatability99.3%
Scale accuracy+/- 0.7% resident/patient weight

BariAir™ Therapy System Brochure

BariAir™ Therapy System - an integrated therapy system for the immobile bariatric patient in critical care - 01.TSS.0006.1.GB.1.AHG - 01.TSS.0033.1.GB-INT.1.AHG


File name: 01.TSS.0033.1.GB-INT.1.AHG.pdf

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Size: 2.77 Mb


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