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Malibu and Sovereign

Simplifying transfers in the bathroom

Each featuring an integrated transfer chair, Malibu® and Sovereign® bathing and wellness solutions enable you to make the benefits of bathing available to a broad spectrum of residents while simplifying transfers within the bathroom.

Malibu and Sovereign each feature an integrated transfer chair, enabling you to make the benefits of bathing available to a broad spectrum of residents while reducing the number of transfers required.

Malibu and Sovereign are also compatible with a wide range of Arjo transfer aids and hygiene lifters. This provides comprehensive coverage for the transfer, toileting and bathing of residents in the A to C mobility spectrum. In addition, Sovereign’s contoured base is designed for residents with reduced torso strength such as Doris, offering added support under the thighs and knees.
Work efficiently and confidently
Fully height adjustable, both Malibu and Sovereign enable you to position the bath as well as your resident at your preferred working height, which can significantly reduce the risk of static overload.

In addition, Sovereign features a contoured base is designed for residents with reduced torso strength by providing added support for the thighs and knees.

Promote well-being
Malibu now comes with a deeper tub for improved immersion. Both Malibu and Sovereign also offer optional Air Spa therapy, which creates bubbles in the water to provide a soothing massage sensation.

Compatibility with Arjo transfer aids
Both bathing solutions are fully compatible with Arjo transfer aids, giving you flexibility and choice to tailor the bathing experience according to the unique needs and preferences of your resident.

Auto-fill function
Automatically fills the tub to pre-set levels so you may focus your attention on preparing and transferring your resident.

Multiple levels of anti-scalding protection
Three-fold protection to ensure consistent temperatures for the safety and comfort of your resident.

Contamination control
24-hour water flush feature helps with contamination control. Optional integrated disinfection system allows caregivers to conveniently disinfect the bath and any transfer devices thoroughly and efficiently. If using the optional Air Spa feature, the disinfection system automatically cleans and dries its internal nozzles.

Suitable for patients and residents with mobility levels A to C. Sovereign can also be suitable for mobility level D.

Technical information

Measurements and weights

Bath length1600/1700 mm (63"/67")
Bath width765 mm (30 1/8")
Bath volume 1600 (full, without resident/patient)237 L (62 gal (US))
Bath volume 1700 (full, without resident/patient)256 L (67 gal (US))
Lifting stroke (bath)300 mm (11 3/4")
Max lifting capacity bath (resident/patient + water)386 kg (851 lbs)
Patient lift(overall Max height 1950 mm (76 3/4")
Lifting stroke(lift arm) 530 mm (21")
Safe working load (resident/patient weight)130 kg (286 lbs)
Complies with EN 1717 Protection against pollution
of potable water in water installations
IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2

Malibu / Sovereign Installation Manual Disinfection

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Malibu / Sovereign Quick reference guide - Use (A3, Portrait, Colour)

Category: Quick reference guide

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[EN for AU, CA, INT, NZ, GB, US]

Malibu / Sovereign Quick reference guide - Functions (A3, Portrait, Colour)

Category: Quick reference guide

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[EN for AT, CA, INT, NZ, GB, US]

Malibu Site Preparation

Category: Site preparations

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Malibu and Sovereign Brochure 4 page

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Malibu and Sovereign Flyer

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Hygiene and Wellness Brochure

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