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Empowering Movement: Improving Outcomes with an Integrated Approach to Pressure Ulcer/Injury Prevention

Please join our complimentary webinar that discusses the clinical challenges of pressure ulcer/injury prevention and management and the importance of thinking beyond just support surface provision.

About the webinar: 

During this session we will consider and account for the importance of a combined approach to pressure injury prevention which encompasses the link to mobility, appropriate patient handling and repositioning techniques and the need to allocate support surface technologies according to clinical risk and individual need.

Challenges and risks

  • Pressure ulcer/injury development and damage cascade
  • Challenges associated with risk assessment and in identifying those individuals at risk at the bedside
  • How imobility may lead to a pressure ulcer
  • How the Covid-19 pandemic may increase the risk of pressure ulcer

Practical interventions

  • How equipment may help to play its part in moving patients safely from a pressure injury perspective but also how it can help to reduce injury to the care professional
  • How pressure injury/ulcer prevention is important in rehabilitation 
  • The use of slings and slide sheets to support movement/repositioning with the intention to reduce shear and frictional forces


Jacqui Fletcher 
Sr Clinical Advisor

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Australia - Sydney

19 November 9:00 pm AEDT


19 November 10:00 am GMT

North America

19 November 4:00 am CDT

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