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Webinar series: Rehab of COVID-19 ICU patients

Part 1: Overcoming challenges to achieving mobility/rehab goals for ICU patients with COVID-19

About the webinar: 

This webinar is a part of a series of 3 webinars in which we will discuss how to overcome challenges and achieve the rehab goals for COVID-19 patients.

During this session, we will discuss focus on the challenges for the ICU patients rehab journey. 

Topics to be covered: 

  • Overview and challenges in the patient rehab journey
  • Overview of the role change and challenges that staff has to support the journey
  • Application of ABCDEF Bundle


Heidi Engel, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist at UCSF Medical Center

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Australia - Sydney

10 November 6:00am AEST


9 November 7:00 pm BST

North America

9 November 13:00 pm CDT

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Series continued - Part 2 and Part 3

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7 December

Part 2
A map to recovery and rehabilitation: Managing the psychological and cognitive effects for COVID-19 ICU patients

Europe: 7 December 7:00 pm BST
North America: 7 December 11:00 am CDT
Australia: 8 December 6:00 am AEST

part 3.jpg

11 January

Part 3
Practical interventions and case study on early mobilization and rehab for COVID-19 ICU patients

Europe: 11 January 2021 7:00 pm BST
North America: 11 January 2021 11:00 am CDT
Australia: 12 January 2021 6:00 am AEST


19 November

Improving Outcomes with an Integrated Approch to Pressure Ulcer/Injury Prevention

Europe: 19 November 10:00 pm BST
North America19 November 3:00 am CDT
Australia19 November 8:00 pm AEST