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➊ Improve customer value

To create customer value, we focus on the unique needs in both acute and long-term care.

Through a close dialogue with our customers, significant experience in product development, and strong partnerships, we can offer solutions that contribute to more efficient healthcare, reduced care costs and improved treatment outcomes. We support our customers in meeting current and future demographic challenges, increased regulatory requirements, improved quality and safety for healthcare providers and patients, as well as by enhancing the efficiency of patient flows. In 2019, we launched new products and solutions, entered new partnerships and invested in acquisitions, all in order to strengthen our offering.

➋ Strengthened commercial focus

Increased market presence is key to strengthening Arjo’s commercial focus on new and existing markets.

We have a strong position in acute care and are making investments to increase our presence in long-term care. In addition, we work to optimize our product portfolio and sales processes. In our largest market, the US, we continued to strengthen our market presence and generated solid growth during the year. Investments to build up sales organizations in, for example, Africa and Latin America, yielded favorable results in 2019. Several distributor markets also reported a positive performance, including Africa, Eastern Europe and countries in South-East Asia. The Group grew by nearly 4% in 2019.


➌ Increased operational agility

Arjo is working to create an agile organization based on decisions made in close relation to our customers

This allows us to effectively meet their needs and adapt to changes in the market. During the year, several activities were initiated to optimize the Group’s resources, mainly in the UK and within our US rental operations. We also strive to always deliver the highest possible quality and safety, and work actively to ensure that we comply with existing regulatory requirements. Arjo successfully passed an audit in 2019 to ensure that we meet the requirements of EU’s new Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

➍ Develop the business and people together

It is the people within the organization who generate and develop the business.

We have a long-term agenda to ensure that Arjo has the necessary leadership and skills to meet current and future business needs. This involves succession planning, activities to promote diversity, and various training programs. During the year, Arjo continued to build an organization characterized by equality and diversity. As part of this initiative, Arjo continuously conducts a global talent program with the goal of developing and utilizing employee skills, together with finding solutions and identifying future business challenges and opportunities. We also conduct an annual global employee survey to listen to our employees and continue developing a committed organization.

➎ A winning and sustainable corporate cultureure

Our objective is to continue our journey of creating a performance driven organization based on Arjo’s core values – our Guiding Principles

These were developed in 2019 through a close dialogue within the organization. These values are founded upon our desire to improve the health and well-being of all people, as well as everyones’ equal value. In order to enable Arjo achieve a customerfocused, winning and sustainable corporate culture, we promote a high level of involvement, a collaborative spirit, inspiring leadership and focus on solutions that add value. This also involves building a culture of ownership, decision making, and being a team player who works towards the Group’s common goals.