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Joacim Lindoff 750.jpg

Joacim Lindoff

Born 1973.

CEO and President since 2017.

Principal education and professional experience: B.Sc. in
Economics, Lund University. Previous experience as acting
CEO of Getinge Group between August 2016 and March 2017, Executive Vice President of Getinge’s previous business
area Infection Control and Executive Vice President
for the business area Surgical Workflows.

Other current assignments/positions: -

Previous assignments/positions (past five years): Acting
CEO and President of Getinge Group from August 2016 to
March 2017.

Holding (own and related parties): 16,588 series B shares and 1 190 476 synthetic share options.

No significant shareholdings and partnerships in enterprises with which the company has considerable business relations.

Independent in relation to the company's major shareholders, but not in relation to the company and the company's management.