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Arjo’s sustainability goals 2018–2020

Arjo’s sustainability goals 2018–2020


1. Reduce energy consumption

In production, energy consumption is to be reduced by 5% in MWh/MSEK by 2020, with 2018 as the base year.


2. Reduce carbon emissions

Emissions from production are to be reduced by 5% measured in tons of CO2/MSEK by 2020, with 2018 as the base year.


3. Reduce the amount of hazardous waste

The amount of hazardous waste is to be reduced by 10% by 2020, with 2018 as the base year.


4. Increase recycling of non-hazardous waste

The goal is for 75% of non-hazardous waste to be recycled by 2020, with 2018 as the base year.

Results of environmental activities

Arjo works actively to make improvements to production in accordance with established environmental goals. During the year, Arjo increased its net sales by 3.9% organically, but nonetheless, energy consumption and carbon emissions remained at the same level as in 2019. Hazardous waste comprises less than 1% of Arjo’s total waste and was further reduced in 2020. Recycling increased during the year. Arjo met all environmental goals for 2020 and the results are presented in the graphs below.