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Arjo has high ambitions for its environmental work and we are determined to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to sustainable development going forward. Our impact on the environment primarily involves use of resources, energy consumption, and waste management. We continuously monitor our operations and make any improvements required to production and business control while meeting society’s requirements.

2019 – 2021 Environmental Goals

1. Reduce energy consumption
2. Reduce CO2 emissions
3. Reduce the amount
4. 75% of non-hazardous waste is to be recycled.

The environmental aspects of Arjo’s supply chain

The value chain comprises all of the steps required for us to be able to bring our products to market – beginning with an idea, following throughout development and manufacturing, leading to distribution and consumption, and ultimately reuse and recycling. Our main focus is on our own operations, but we have increasingly begun looking at what we can do to reduce the overall environmental impact among our suppliers and customers as well.

Eco-design in product development

We work in a dedicated manner to reduce the environmental footprint of new and existing products, including the possibility of applying eco-design principles in product development. This involves

• Continuously questioning and evaluating materials and components
• Working in accordance with the Lean business development model to maximize customer benefit while minimizing the waste of resources through various efficiency enhancements and streamlining
• Recycling and reuse