Our programs

At Arjo we offer a wide range of assessment services to help healthcare facilities improve their clinical outcomes and efficiency, and reduce risks for caregivers and patients/residents. Assessment services such as Diligent® Consulting, ProACT™ Solutions for Capital Equipment Planning, and the Care Thermometer™, provide you with a detailed gap analysis of your current practice versus internationally recognized best practice.


Diligent® Consulting

Diligent® is an injury prevention program, led by a clinical consultancy team that mentors and trains management and staff in mobilizing patients/residents safely and early in the care process.

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ProACT™ Solutions for Capital Equipment Planning have been designed for healthcare facilities looking to maximize their return on equipment investments, increase operational efficiency, and improve patient/resident outcome.

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The Care Thermometer™

The Care Thermometer™ evidence-based tool provides an efficient and reliable overview of care locations where improvements can be made for patients/residents and caregivers in the physical care load and prevention policy.

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